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The Trouble is that Sad Drumlin And what happens is that
 Householders and guests in Self-catering Accommodation don't know what things ought to go into the drains and sewers, and what things ought not.  all the wrong things they put in have to be taken out again, unnecessarily, at the Sewerage System Treatment Plant.
 drains and sewers are designed to handle human waste and toilet paper, dirt, small amounts of food waste, some cleaning chemicals - and nothing else but water!  the drains of Householders and Self-Catering Accommodation Providers end up being blocked by the wrong things every so often.  It's expensive, and it's always an emergency.
 every day, New Zealand's sewers and sewage treatment plants are inundated with things they are not supposed to deal with.  the Sewerage Undertakers which provide Sewerage Systems have an expensive and never-ending job of extracting those things and dealing with sewer blockages caused by Household Sewer Pollution.

You are here because Happy Drumlin Here you can find
 you work for an Organisation which provides and / or manages a Sewerage System which has problems with FOG and domestic litter in the sewers.  methods and products for persuading Householders to change their ways and dispose of their FOG and "Household Sewer Litter" somewhere better.  More ]
 you run a Business where you have Self-catering guests, and are keen to stop them from blocking your drains.  methods and products for persuading Self-catering guests to change their ways and put the things that cause the blockages somewhere better.  More ]
 you are a Householder who wants to learn about blocked drains or buy a "Fat Trap".  only things for businesses to buy.
To buy a "Fat Trap" for yourself, or to find how to avoid blocked drains, you should go to our companion "Fat Trap Website", specially made for Householders.
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